The Concept?

The concept is quite simple... make delicious tasting beers! The purest form of outlandish character. If there's one thing we know, it's good beer. We each have our own distinct opinions as to what we like. Ranging from insanely hoppy IPA's, rich creamy stouts, smokey porters, tangy sours, and pungent Belgian dubbels. Having a wide range of varying opinions is what makes this brewery diverse. You the consumer are guaranteed to find that perfect ale that suits your palette at Großen Bart Brewery!



For the love of a great brew and Great BIG Beards!  Im Taylor a beer enthusiast from the great state of Minnesota. Ive got a bad crack and powder addiction with rock climbing and snowboarding having to do with that addiction, love riding those trees too!  Being of German and Irish decent beer has always been a part of me growing up, in fact my Mother says I had my first taste of beer at a the Harney's, family members of my dads side.  They were all a bunch of little Irish folks who always had cases of beers and good whiskey around, apparently they fed me beer. It is also known through my family history that my Fathers Great Grandfather Edward Weis and his brother Charles Weis left their farms and were associated in a brewing venture in Lake City, MN.  After doing research on my family history for a college paper I found out about the brewing venture that my Fathers great Grandfather and brother had, it all finally made sense to me and I knew that it is what I had to do, I had to recreate the passion and get into the beer business.


As an avid beer lover/enthusiast I began to brew beer in college as I was studying microbiology at Texas A&M University, from there the bug never left my ear. I began brewing in the summer of 2003, with the mentality that there is no beer that I fear and no style that I do not love to drink, um, I mean brew. I decided to become a brewer because I believe that there can never be enough good beer in this world and that complacency is the enemy of progress. As commercial brewer of 5yrs, as well as a passionate homebrewer of 8+ yrs, I have continually pursued excellence in every pint I produce. I have had a great deal of laboratory experience in beer, wine, and general microbiology which has led me to maintaining multiple strains of yeast, including a personal brettanomyoces and a saison yeast strain.