Welcome to Großen Bart Brewery!

Großen Bart Brewery is a joint partnership between Shad Chancey and Taylor Wise established in July of 2012. Grossen Bart Brewery is located directly behind the Safeway on Ken Pratt at 1025 Delaware Ave. in Longmont, Colorado. We are a 10bbl Brew House and serve only our beer brewed on site. We offer weekly live music, food trucks, and FREE popcorn! We are pet and family friendly. We have a nice outdoor beer garden with a mountain view! We look forward to pouring you and your friends The Purest Form of Outlandish Character! Stay up to date with our progress and future events by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. PROST!

Collaboration Beer between Grossen Bart and Upslope Brewing Company in conjunction with the Boulder Facial Hair Club. You will be able to taste Odin's B.E.A.R.D IPA, brewed specifically for the 2016 Great American Beard and Moustache Championship at the Friday Night Craft Beerd Welcome Party Sept. 23 at Stoney's Bar & Grill in Denver. This soon to be delicious brew is made with Viking pale malt from Finland, Spelt, and several hop varieties that spell out B.E.A.R.D.! Join us Friday to tastes Odin's Glory!  

Thanks to all of you who came out to support our Annual Beard & Stash competition! The Longmont Mane Festival 2016! We had a great time hanging with all of you! Thanks to our sponsor Victory Motors of Colorado!

Special thanks to the Boulder Facial Hair Club, Studio Boom, Rich's Coast to Coast Quality Hot Dogs, The G-Spot Noshery Truck, Georgia Boys, EcoVessel, Mod Cabin, Colorado Beer Pickles, Dr. Seth's Mustache Wax, Moses Walker, Big Paddy, and Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese!






The Concept?

The concept is quite simple... make delicious tasting beers! The purest form of outlandish character. If there's one thing we know, it's good beer. We each have our own distinct opinions as to what we like. Ranging from insanely hoppy IPA's, rich creamy stouts, smokey porters, tangy sours, and pungent Belgian dubbels. Having a wide range of varying opinions is what makes this brewery diverse. You the consumer are guaranteed to find that perfect ale that suits your palette at Großen Bart Brewery!


For our Gluten sensitive friends, we are now using Clarity Ferm in our beers! The gluten protein present in beer is very proline-rich. Because this enzyme is a proline-specific protease, it chops up the gluten proteins so that people with sensitivities to gluten do not react adversely. MORE INFO

Each of our beers are associated with a different style of facial hair. Hold the can shaped glass up to your face to see how you would look sporting all the unique facial hair styles!

No facial hair? No worries! Our one of a kind hand-crafted beers are guaranteed to slap the beerd into you!