Welcome to Großen Bart Brewery!

Großen Bart Brewery is a joint partnership between Shad Chancey and Taylor Wise established in July of 2012. Grossen Bart Brewery is located directly behind the Safeway on Ken Pratt at 1025 Delaware Ave. in Longmont, Colorado. We are a 10bbl Brew House and serve only our beer brewed on site. We offer weekly live music, food trucks, and FREE popcorn! We are pet and family friendly. We have a nice outdoor beer garden with a mountain view! We look forward to pouring you and your friends The Purest Form of Outlandish Character! Stay up to date with our progress and future events by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. PROST!

Thanks to all of you who came out to support our Annual Beard & Stash competition! The Longmont Mane Festival 2016! We had a great time hanging with all of you! Thanks to our sponsor Victory Motors of Colorado!

Special thanks to the Boulder Facial Hair Club, Studio Boom, Rich's Coast to Coast Quality Hot Dogs, The G-Spot Noshery Truck, Georgia Boys, EcoVessel, Mod Cabin, Colorado Beer Pickles, Dr. Seth's Mustache Wax, Moses Walker, Big Paddy, and Haystack Mountain Goat Cheese!

BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND! We had to do some more brewing with Jeff Green at Grossen Bart in Longmont, Colorado. We brewed 10 barrels of California Common Lager! Come and try some at both Grossen Bart and Very Nice! PROST!





Oskar Blues was one of the first craft brewery’s to experiment with 12oz. aluminum cans, so it seems fitting that OB is where the story of the 32-ounce crowler begins. A 32oz. twist off can filled with CO2 capable of lasting up to a month in the fridge!

So why the name Schmiddy? It’s a rather simple story. One of our loyal patrons Jim Schmidt asked what we were going to call them on the day of their arrival. He said other brewery’s give them their own nicknames such as Squealer’s or Hand Grenades. I had no idea what to call them and didn’t really think much about it again. But when Jim was ready to leave, he wanted to buy a crowler to go. Thus making it our first crowler sale! So there the name was... “Schmiddy.”



The Concept?

The concept is quite simple... make delicious tasting beers! The purest form of outlandish character. If there's one thing we know, it's good beer. We each have our own distinct opinions as to what we like. Ranging from insanely hoppy IPA's, rich creamy stouts, smokey porters, tangy sours, and pungent Belgian dubbels. Having a wide range of varying opinions is what makes this brewery diverse. You the consumer are guaranteed to find that perfect ale that suits your palette at Großen Bart Brewery!


For our Gluten sensitive friends, we are now using Clarity Ferm in our beers! The gluten protein present in beer is very proline-rich. Because this enzyme is a proline-specific protease, it chops up the gluten proteins so that people with sensitivities to gluten do not react adversely. MORE INFO

Each of our beers are associated with a different style of facial hair. Hold the can shaped glass up to your face to see how you would look sporting all the unique facial hair styles!

5.4%abv - 35 IBUs

7.7%abv - 109 IBUs

6.1%abv - 50 IBUs

Caramel and toasted malt provide a bright amber color to this deliciously hand crafted hop forward ale. Provided by citrus Cascade hops, this smooth, silky Amber will leave you smiling.

The Anchor facial hair style cleverly combines the goatee, chinstrap and handlebar mustache to brilliantly resemble an anchor.

India Pale Ale. Solid malty base. Strong notes of citrus. Generously hopped with CTZ, Chinook, and Simcoe. Then we take it a step further and double dry hop it with Chinook and Simcoe.

The Chin Curtain beard is a bit simpler than both the Amish and the Strap, but for different reasons. It entails less upkeep than the Strap, which is easily overgrown.

Malty backbone with a kiss of rye. Bold and dry. Generously hopped with ample amounts of Fuggles and Cascade. Smooth with a slightly sweet finish.

The prestigious strip-teaser mustache is a narrow style of stash worn halfway between the upper lip and the nose with upturned ends.

5.8%abv - 35 IBUs

4.9%abv - 30 IBUs

3.2%abv - 15 IBUs

This German style Kölsch is light and effervescent. It provides a subtle, fruity aroma. A smooth mouth feel with a crisp and dry finish.

The five o'clock shadow refers to beard stubble that is visible late in the day, usually around 5 o'clock, on men who have shaved their faces that morning.

This Freestyle German Altbier is an fusion between the classic American Nut Brown Ale, and the German Altbier. (German for 'old beer') Set your imagination free as you enjoy the richness of this zainy copper colored ale!

The Freestyle is unquestionably a top favorite category in facial hair comps where anything goes! Just get Creative!

This easy drinking smooth creme lager comes in at just 3.2%abv. It’s super sessionable with a delicious flavor! Faint malt nose with hints of corn lead to a dry grainy light bodied lager for all day dirty drinking.

4.52%abv - 1> IBUs

5.2% abv - 35 IBUs

4.7%abv - 22 IBUs

Berliner Weisse is a wheat beer made with both traditional warm-fermenting yeasts and lactobacillus culture. The taste is refreshing, tart, and sour with a pinapple-citric fruit sharpness.

The balbo face muffin is a variation of the goatee and mustache in which case the two are not connected.

SMaSH stands for “Single Malt and Single Hops”. This Frida was brewed with Belgian Pilsner malts. It contains a German yeast strain and Polish Sybilla hops. This is our take on a continental Pilsner. It possesses a floral sweet hop flavor that is pleasantly light and crisp.

Best known for her mustache and mono-brow, Frida Kahlo rejected conventional standards of beauty. She not only refused to pluck them, but even penciled them darker.

A genuine Belgian recipe! Belgian Pales were initially brewed to compete with Pilseners during the WWII time frame. They differ from other regional Pale Ale varieties by traditionally being less bitter, using aged hops for a delicate hop finish, and boasting sweetish to toasty malt overtones.

The Pornstache mustache is a scraggly, uneven & unkempt, lip gerbil that is rather offensive with a gloriously foul odor.

7%abv - 40 IBUs

5.4%abv - 20 IBUs

5.9% abv - 42 IBUs

A Foreign Stout is brewed bigger than normal for a long journey. They are typically higher in alcohol with a very pronounced roasted profile. Indulge in this magnificently malty stout and unleash your inner Kung Fu Master! HII_YAAAAHHH!!!

A Fu Manchu mustache is a thin straight mustache that grows downward past the lips and on either side of the chin. There is often a wide gap on the upper lip and the pointed ends of the mustache hang past the jaw line.

A Belgian Style white ale brewed in collaboration with Bin46. Cloudy in appearance, this beer is crisp and the slight twang comes from the blood orange, indian corriander, and raw wheat accompanied by the lively level of carbonation. A Pencil Mustache is a wisp of a stache “drawn” between your nose and your upper lip. This is a rather neatly trimmed breed of cookie duster... in fact, I would be surprised if you even chance upon dusting a cookie.

The steam beer, or California Common, is an American original and was first produced in California during the gold rush (late 19th Century). The style of beer is very much tied to the west coast and in particular San Francisco. Today, “steam beer” is a trademarked term, and can only be brewed under that name by Anchor Steam Brewing Co. in San Francisco.

Cabernet Sauvignon Anker Beard Amber Charddonay Barrel Aged Balbo Pineapple Berliner Weiße
Cabernet Sauvignon ESB

No facial hair? No worries! Our one of a kind hand-crafted beers are guaranteed to slap the beerd into you!